Are You Making Any of These SEO Blunders?

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Are You Making Any of These SEO Blunders?

SEO Blunders You’ll Want to Avoid!

Getting ranked well in the search engines is no easy task, so to shoot yourself in the foot by making costly SEO mistakes is, well; not advised.

While often these are a series of unintentional blunders, it’s your job to pay attention to these types of things, so as to help your business keep progressing upwards in the search rankings. Failure to do so leads only to bad things, like lost sales, leads, rankings and visitors.

Let’s take a moment and look at 5 egregious SEO blunders that can cost you all of the above, hoping you will be able to avoid them!

5 SEO Mistakes you don’t want to make!

Lousy on-page SEO work – If your on-page SEO is amiss, Google will have a difficult time ranking you for anything. Be sure that each page is properly optimized, with title tags, descriptions and images all dealt with and also that your pages aren’t loading like molasses, another rank killer.

All the same keywords – The days of keyword manipulation are over, and to intentionally use the same keywords dozens of times is particularly foolish. Keywords are still needed, but make an effort not to hit visitors over the head with them, and make sure you include relevant verbiage throughout the page as well

Duplicate content – It can be very easy to create duplicate content these days. Tag pages, http and https versions of the same page, and several other tripwires make it easy for Google to discount your pages if they see these.

Bad link profile – If you are in the practice of buying links for your sites, your days are numbered as far as rankings in Google are concerned. The algorithm is getting better and better at ferreting out bad links and imposing penalties on the sites that are using them. A word to the wise…

Your pages aren’t indexable – There are number of technical issues that can stop Google from finding and indexing your pages, which would obviously be bad. These include broken links, bad redirect and flash, among others.

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