Now is the time to Invest in Social Media Marketing

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While our in-person contact is still semi-limited, it’s important that customers can follow your company on social media to keep your business and its services top-of-mind. To build trust and your brand image, your business’ social platforms should be active and engaging. Posting regularly and responding to any inquiries and messages in a timely manner is essential. Facebook is the most influential social media source used by all generations for information about pest control services, so it’s important your business is utilizing this platform and the marketing tools it offers to reach customers.

Pick one platform to invest in Social Media Marketing

Invest in Social Media Marketing


One of these tools, Facebook Live, is a great way to share personal anecdotes and real-life experiences with your followers on Facebook. “Going live” has plenty of perks—it allows you to develop a personal connection with your followers, boosts awareness of your brand and helps to increase overall engagement on your page. You can livestream anything, from a routine home inspection to an unusual pest encounter, and more. If this sounds like a daunting task, think again. Live streaming on Facebook is extremely user-friendly thanks to advances in mobile technology, so you can broadcast right from your phone. Think about how cool it would be going live while finding a nest of bees!! You also have the option to save the live video to your feed afterwards so it will continue to garner engagement even once the live stream has ended.

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