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Social media can be an excellent and effective marketing tool if used properly and to its full potential. An important component of your company’s marketing strategy is taking a look at your social media accounts to see what appears to be working, what’s not working and where you can improve moving forward. Check your analytics on each platform to see which posts received the most engagement amongst your audience to help you get a better idea of what content is resonating most. The leading social media platforms for businesses, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, all have analytics sections that are user-friendly and help to give an overview and understanding of your page’s performance.


According to Digital Marketing Institute, video content generates 1,200% more shares on social media than both images and text combined.


It’s also critical that you are brushing up on best practices and general rules of thumb for the social platforms your business is on. A simple Google search yields endless how-to guides for following best practices on all the top social media platforms. One example of a best practice that may seem trivial but can have a huge impact on a page’s performance is incorporating video content into your posts. By brushing up on best practices and incorporating these tips into your page’s content, you can boost engagement and expand your audience.

Amy Thompson
Amy Thompson

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