What You May Not Know About Social Media

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What You May Not Know About Social Media

Keeping up with all that is evolving on a really daily basis is a full-time activity by any measure. Moreover, many of us have just now embraced the fact that we indeed have to be not just involved with social media, but actively marketing on it. So how in the world are we expected to stay on top of best practices for all of this? Allow us to aid you with that. Here are several of the many things you might not know about social media.

What you may not know about social media

It’s a monster opportunity – The possibilities of reaching vast untapped audiences that you would never have had a shot at in a million years, and all for free or a very small outlay, ought to get any marketer with even a thread pulse excited. This has got even giant brands leaping into social media with gusto.

Valuable, visual content wins the day – As it has mushroomed in terms of opportunity, it has also grown so large that content that screams “mediocre” will be consigned to the virtual dust bin. Furthermore, if your content either is or includes a visual element, like images or videos, so much the better! Everyone is much more likely to watch than read these days.

Engagement matters – You actually need to be present, and participate. Assigning the social media task to the intern fresh out of school might be appropriate in terms of technical savvy, but it’ll usually woefully miss the mark with regards to the needs of your business engagement.

Quantity matters – Posting once a week doesn’t suffice. The marketplace is always awake, and your company must have a presence that’s not missing in action. This isn’t to say that you can’t use some forms of automation to assist here, but endeavor to post often enough to keep growing fans and followers.

Strive for quality – If the main source of your content is a tattered book of quotes, many from people you’ve never even heard of, then you may want to rethink your strategy. Feed your audience interesting, engaging and useful content that is intended to help them. You’ll find that they may actually come around more often when that happens.

Amy Thompson
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